Something happened on Monday that was a first for me in nearly 20 years of selling real estate.


In fact, they took an offer $66,000 LESS than the highest offer.

We had 15 offers on their property, and my job as the listing agent was to get everybody to submit their best offer.

I had everybody at the end of the process, we were about to declare the winner, and the seller called me and said they wanted to accept an offer much lower than the highest one.

In fact, it was the fourth highest offer in the bunch.


I must have asked him that about eight or nine times.

After all, that’s tax-free earnings!  Their two kids could each get an extra $33,000 if they didn’t want or need the money.

But that was the seller’s choice.

They knew the buyer from the neighbourhood, and they really wanted them to have it.

“Chuck, we love the house, and we have enough money.  We’ve decided to sell to this buyer who is offering less.”

I kept shaking my head.  Why?

But at the same time, I also really respected the Seller’s moral compass.  They were HARD working people, I’ve known them my whole life.  They cleaned toilets, they worked with their hands.  They are generous and kind.

They loved that home, and they wanted to see it go to someone that would love it just as much.

It’s not the first time it has happened.  I remember this story from a few years ago where the buyer’s offer was $150,000 LESS than the highest offer, and they got the house.

Very similar situation.

Some people think we sell houses, but I think ultimately we are about helping people make choices that they feel good about.

This one was bittersweet, because my competitive side wanted to win and get them the absolute best price to help their family… but ultimately I found peace knowing that the buyer and the seller both walked away happy.

That’s all you can hope for, especially in this crazy market.


  1. You did get them the best price, they chose not to go with it.
    I love hearing stories like this, especially so close to home. The recent Ontario real estate market is the poster child for greed, so it’s refreshing to know that there are a few decent people out there represented by honest agents.

    • Thank you Adam, that’s very kind of you to say. The sellers are absolutely the kindest people, and I’ll be sure to pass this along to them.

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