There are only a handful of people we TRULY trust when they speak about real estate, and one of them in Andrew LaFleur from

We’ve known Andrew for many years, and he was the one that first told us about the Calgary market and what a huge opportunity it is.

Andrew’s next investment (and ours too) is the new Television City project in Hamilton.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video, which explains all the reasons why we like this project.

Be sure to watch the part in the middle about inflation being high and mortgage rates being low… and the new immigration numbers released by the government.  There are millions of people arriving in Canada, and they are going to need places to live.

This project is going to sell quickly and there’s a LOT of buzz about it.  That sounds so “pitchy”, but it’s absolutely true.

We wouldn’t personally invest in this one if we didn’t believe in it.

If you’ve ever watched anything we put out about real estate investing, we are super conservative and don’t take big risks.  We turn down almost everything we see.  But we knew this one was a winner as soon as we saw it.

Plus, we show condos in Hamilton regularly, and many of them are very underwhelming.  Think Jasper condos in Milton.  That’s what most of them look like.  This project is different, and the architects have a great reputation.

So if you’re interested, you can sign up to get access to floor plans and prices here, and you can reserve a unit by filling in a worksheet here.

Andrew does a LOT of pre-construction condos, so he gets access that we can’t get on our team as a “Platinum Agent”.  We go through him the same way you would.

Just be sure to mention our name at the end of the worksheet, so that Andrew knows you found out about the project from us.

Good luck!  Reach out if you have ANY questions about this project.