There are a lot of agents out there.

So, why would you choose the Charlton Advantage to help you with your purchase? Here are a few reasons:


We have an education-based approach

We lay out the entire process for you – from your early search all the way until you move in. You’ll know every step, every expense, and everything that might go wrong before it happens. Our goal is to empower you to make choices from a place of knowledge and first-hand experience. Does it take more time?  Absolutely, but that’s why we believe in a “concierge” approach instead of a transactional approach favoured by many agents.


We know the market

The Charlton Advantage Team helps somebody buy or sell every 2-3 days. We show up on camera nearly every day discussing the market, and we spend countless hours researching values and market conditions. We eat, sleep and breathe local real estate. This is not a hobby for us – we are determined to know everything we can about your next move.


We will always be there for you

When turbulence happens, we don’t back away… we lean in and get it done. Our support staff is great at handling challenging situations, because having a team of people helping you is always better than having just one person. We don’t wish anybody difficulty, but when it happens, we’ve got your back and we do the right thing.

You won’t see big billboards or bus shelters with our name everywhere, even though we’re consistently ranked in the Top 100 agents in Canada. We would rather take good care of you than get famous. Then the word spreads to the people you care about.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality real estate experience for our clients. We believe in high-trust, long-term relationships, and it all starts with you being delighted with the home you buy, and with the help you receive from us.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, just leave us some details here.

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