The Charlton Advantage Team offers our clients different programs to get their homes ready for sale

1. Home Styling

The Home Styling consultation is included in our service with EVERY client that works with us.

During the meeting, you’ll meet our designer and team project manager, and they’ll discuss your goals for the appearance of the home while it’s being sold.  What will buyers expect in your neighbourhood and price range?  Is there a budget for improvements?  Do we work with what you already have?  How much time is available?

From there, we’ll create a detailed checklist, shopping list, or anything else that you’ll need… and then write it all down for you.  Do you have a leaky tap, a broken dishwasher, or a crack in your foundation?  Let us be your concierge and manage the details for you – we have a trusted list of service providers to help.  We can assist in arranging trades and getting quotes as well.

Keep in mind that the more items you tackle from the list, the better your results will be. We’ve seen it over and over again.  A little bit more effort in the beginning will save you weeks of frustration later (and often add a good amount to your sale price).

Our second program takes things a step further, and we call this Smart Staging.

2. Smart Staging

Above and beyond the Home Styling plan that is given to all clients, you also have the option of receiving Smart Staging.

Our team has a large warehouse filled with furniture and accessories, and we typically bring between $2,500 to $10,000 worth of items on average to a client’s house to “complete their look” before launching their home for sale.

Some of these items include: couches, tables, beds, bedding, side tables, desks, accessories, lamps, pillows, towels and lots more.  Check out our gallery below to see some shots of our warehouse.

Our joke with most clients is that we OWN a Home Sense store, and they have full access for whatever they need.  If we’re low on anything we need, we’ll go and rent or buy whatever is needed.

No shortcuts are EVER taken when it comes to staging your home.

We will take care of delivery and removal of all items, and our clients are responsible for making sure the items are handled with care.



Showcasing a home in its best possible condition is another key to getting top dollar. Here are some of the most important elements to make that happen.

Home Styling Plan

Start with a customized plan from our designer, tailored to your home and what’s needed. Do some or all of the projects on the list… but the more you do, the better off you’ll be.

Smart Staging

We’ve got everything you need to transform your home into a buyer’s dream come true.  Our clients generally receive 200-300% return on their investment when they stage their houses… sometimes even more!

Incredible Photos

There’s a big difference between photographers. The first home viewing is online, and if you don’t capture the buyer’s attention, they will not come in person for their second viewing.


Just slide the arrows below to the left to see the amazing after transformation!



Here’s a before & after transformation of a 2,200 square foot vacant home we staged in Glen Williams, just outside of Georgetown:


We even watered the flowers and took care of lawnmowing for the client while they were away.  We care more, so you can worry less!

The bottom line?  Buyers have higher expectations than ever, and homes that look better than the competition will have a much higher likelihood of selling faster and for more money.

Have a listen to this client’s reaction to coming home and seeing her home.


Our goal is to help buyers FALL IN LOVE with your property, and a good first step is when YOU love it.

If we can accomplish those goals, there’s a much higher chance that the buyer will pay “retail” price instead of “wholesale” price for your property.

It’s all part of our commitment to you. That’s the Charlton Advantage.

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