When we made the decision to start looking for a new home, we weren’t quite sure where to start or what we needed to do.  We reached out to Chuck and he took the time to sit down with us and go through the entire process of buying and selling, and tailored a plan of action to suit our needs.

Throughout the process of buying our new home and selling our old home, the Charlton Team has been there to support us 100%.  The negotiation phases of both our purchase and sale were handled with the utmost professionalism.

And when it was done, we had so much fun celebrating the day we sold the house.

Having the Charlton Team in our corner put our minds completely at ease knowing what strong and dedicated representation we had.  What could have been a lengthy and complex process was greatly simplified and shortened through having an extremely knowledgeable and supportive team on our side.  So if you find yourself considering buying or selling a home, do yourself a favour and give yourself the only advantage you will need, the Charlton Advantage.”