A successful selling plan is a lot like a recipe. All the ingredients must come together, in just the right way, to make a dish successful. A little too much salt, leaving it on the boil for too long, or adding the wrong ingredients at the wrong time, will cause things to spoil.

We’ve helped hundreds of sellers achieve great results by following these exact steps…


Determine your wants and needs

What’s important to you about selling your home? Do you want it sold quickly in order to minimize hassles? Everybody wants the most money they can get, but maybe getting a particular closing date is just as important, and may save you money compared to owning two homes. How do you imagine the ideal selling process going?


Selecting an agent

Services offered by listing brokerages are as different as snowflakes. Some will offer their years of experience as value, others will craft an impressive online and offline marketing plan. There are “no frills” brokerages that keep marketing budgets to a minimum, and there are full-service companies that aim to handle all of the details for you. Choosing the right agent isn’t always about finding the least expensive fees, it’s about finding the best value and having somebody that you really trust as the “captain” of your selling ship.


Review why homes do and don’t sell

We believe there are four things that determine the success or failure of a sale – the asking price, the condition of the home, the marketing plan, and the competition & market conditions. When homes have a tough time selling, it’s usually because one or more of these is off. These are your basic ingredients in your recipe, and each one should be analyzed before the sign ever goes up.


Preparing your house for sale

Our team offers a variety of options to get your home ready. ALL of our clients receive a Home Enhancement consult from Liane Robertson at RProjex. She’ll point out how your furniture should be arranged, what should be packed, and the best colour choices to complement your home. You can choose to do some of the things she suggests, or you can complete the entire list. There’s a pretty strong correlation between the number of items people complete and higher sale prices.
We also offer Smart Staging, where we bring in accessories like side tables, chairs, artwork and bedding that will give your home that extra special feeling. Even though buyers know they don’t get to keep your furniture, a home that looks great is much more likely to impress them and bring more offers.


Review sold prices and competition

We review sale prices and competition with our clients a few days before listing, so that we can have the most up-to-date information available. We encourage clients who are selling to think like a buyer when reviewing their competition – how much would THEY pay for their own house if they were buying it? Typically, we do not choose your price… we collaborate with you to come up with a pricing plan that matches your timeline and goals.


Marketing to buyers & agents

We have studied where buyers come from, how many showings it takes to sell, and the highest-impact places to market your home. From innovative Facebook ads, to flyer boxes, to neighbourhood alerts with titles like, “Do you know what your neighbours did last night?” etc… we make sure the word gets out in a BIG way.


Feedback and adjustments

Once you’re listed, how do you know you’re on track? Are you getting enough showings? What are agents saying when we call for feedback after the showing? How are your online numbers?  We have a dashboard of metrics that will help you figure out what’s really going on. We guarantee to stay in touch, and our job is to build a plan to always put you ahead of your competition.


Offers and negotiation

When an offer comes in, how do we handle it? Our goal is to make sure your interests are protected, while at the same time highlighting the benefits to a buyer and why they should pay for it. We believe it’s our job to defend your price like a pit bull.


Conditions and after-sale details

We’ll make sure you get all the details you need to finish your transaction, including checklists and introductions to any service providers you’re looking for. Our support staff will keep you in the loop about timelines, and we’ll add a couple of “extras” that will bring a smile to your family.


Moving Day and beyond

Don’t you wish you could just hit the “warp speed” button to this stage? We’ll do everything we can to make sure you land safely and on-time at your destination. Then we’ll be with you afterwards, making sure everything is exactly the way you want it. For years after, we’ll be inviting you to events, dropping things at your door, and reminding you how much we care.

Most agents see you and your home as a transaction, but we believe that selling a home is a special occasion that deserves the “white glove” treatment.

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