1. Go green

Energy efficient products and household goods are attractive to buyers. Renovations or replacements that help make the house more energy efficient are popular. Things such as better insulation, replacing old windows, caulking, and adding skylights can increase value.

2. Crown molding and wider baseboards

Some homeowners are shy to experiment with this, especially if they live in a small home, but it can be very attractive in any size home. Wider baseboard. The measly baseboard that builders often use doesn’t draw attention. Adding a wider baseboard and a fresh coat of paint makes the room come to life. Also, framing windows and doors helps complete the look of a room.

3. Paint

Faux finishes, accented walls, or even just a little fresh paint on them makes a lasting impression. Choose colours and textures wisely. Don’t get carried away with a colour you love (e.g. purple walls—I’ve seen it in a home for sale). Remember, that you want your home to appeal to the masses. You can always paint your new home purple—and then change it when it comes time to sell it!

4. Improved flooring

Wood, tile, and new carpet can be a showstopper. But if the flooring is chipped, torn, or dirty, you’ll get the opposite reaction from buyers. They’ll think your home hasn’t been cared for properly which could result in a lower offer — or no sale at all.

5. Add a deck

Adding a deck can add value to your home, especially as we’re moving towards the warm summer months. It’s a nice feature in a yard and many buyers are happy to purchase a home that already has a deck so that they don’t have to take on that home improvement project. Going bananas with your deck probably won’t realize a great return… but a modest and functional deck can be a big positive for buyers in this season.