Whether it’s your first time investing, or whether you’re a seasoned investor, you want to know that we have the knowledge and experience to guide you properly.

Here’s why we think we would be a great match to help you…


Long-Term Outlook

While the opportunity may come up to make short-term gains, we are much more committed to the idea of building your long-term wealth through intelligent real estate choices. We want to know that even the worst case is going to be good for you, and we don’t believe in high-risk ventures that could get you in big trouble. Smart real estate investing requires some patience, and we won’t settle until you find the right opportunity.


Strategic Planning

We believe in having a strategic plan before starting as an investor. As we learned from Alice in Wonderland, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. While keeping an open mind to other opportunities that arise, it REALLY helps to have your “winning formula” and to stay focused on the specific area, style, and price range that will make your numbers work.

Some of our investors prefer single-family homes or condos, and others prefer multi-family dwellings. Some will invest in commercial or industrial property, and others might prefer the high-headache but high-return potential of student housing. The point is that you must stand for something very specific as an investor… because then you become an expert – instead of a wandering generalist.


Network of Services

While we can’t always promise that we have the best opportunities right here in Milton or the surrounding area, we have a strong network of agents across Ontario, Canada and even some international opportunities. We might introduce you to somebody that can help you lend your investment in the form of a mortgage, or there could be an opportunity in another province or city. There are plenty of possibilities.

Maybe you need a local electrician, plumber or painter. We can help you with that, too. You’re never forced to work with anybody we recommend, but the connections are there when you need somebody you can trust.


We’ve Done This Before

We know the numbers. We are investors, and we examine everything as if we were buying it for ourselves. But have no fear – we will have a written document prior to working together that indicates that we will not compete with you on any property of interest. Your goals come first, and we want to be sure there are no surprises.

If that sounds like the kind of help you want, let us know a little more about your plans…

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