In real life, Milton is better than any guide – no matter how hard we try! You can do a lot of searches online about Milton, and maybe that’s even how you found this page, but what is this town really all about? And more importantly… is it the right community for you and your family?

Well, Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, and the population is now more than 100,000 residents. Before the year 2000, the population was somewhere between 30,000 to 35,000 people, made up of the central core neighbourhoods of Old Milton, Dorset Park, Timberlea and Bronte Meadows (built in that order, more or less).

Then, the water and gas supplies were brought in, and the little town began to play “catch up” with the surrounding communities of Oakville and Mississauga. Rapid growth followed, and in the next 50 years, the town is projected to grow to about 350,000 people at maximum capacity.

Discover Milton

People like the location, because you can get to the airport in about 20 minutes, and even downtown Toronto in about 45 minutes.  During rush hour, you can double those estimates. We have Go Train service directly to Union Station, and a local Milton Transit bus service.

The town is youthful, with a median age of 34 years. During the growth years, many younger families chose Milton because of the lower price point compared to the larger cities, the small-town charm, and the proximity to Toronto. There are lots of activities for children, and while many schools in Toronto are shutting down, we can barely keep up. Some of our schools are hovering at between 15 to 20 kindergarten classes.

The facilities are state-of-the-art, including the Milton Sports Centre and the Centre for the Arts. We have two libraries, more than 50 parks, and both public and Catholic elementary schools in the middle of each neighbourhood.

The new velodrome has attracted worldwide attention, with the next closest facility located in Los Angeles. The world-renowned Wilfrid Laurier University is currently in talks to have a campus here near Tremaine and Derry, and the Niagara Escarpment is just a short distance away, visible in the distance from most areas in town. Where else can you find a sandy beach and ski hill within 15 minutes of your front door?

The golf courses are numerous, and there are many hiking trails and conservation areas nearby. You can grab some fresh baked pies at Springridge Farm and let the kids play in the corn maze, or take the kids to pet the animals at Andrews’ Scenic Acres.

From May to October, there’s one of the finest Farmer’s Markets in Canada along Main Street. Grab breakfast at Troy’s Diner, a massage at Knead to Balance and a beer at the Ivy Arms. Then, take a stroll around Mill Pond and its iconic gazebo.

Our hospital is expanding, stores are opening, and the new Derry Green Business Park will mean even more local jobs, with the goal being to have 50% of our residents live and work in town.

Despite its rapid growth, Milton remains a wonderful blend of small town and city life. Our friend and regional councillor Colin Best summed it up by saying, “Milton is a great place to live, work and play.”

Despite our best efforts, it’s practically impossible to sum up a place to live in just a few paragraphs. Browse around online, watch some of our Flight Over Milton videos, download the Guide to Milton Prices and Neighbourhoods book and come for a visit.

In the meantime, we hope this website helps you learn more about Milton real estate.  Consider us your “concierge” when it comes to anything to do with housing in town, or in any of the surrounding areas.

Welcome to a great community to live, work and play! Ready to take a tour of the place?

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