One in a thousand agents have achieved our level of experience, and we maintain consistency because of our unique marketing, negotiation skills and knowledge of the local market

We focus on doing TWO things really well

When all is said and done, two things keep clients happy – the results, and the level of service they receive.  Within our team, we call them the product and the process.

The product for a seller would include things like how your home is showcased to the market, the photos, video & media produced, the final sale price, and how long it took to sell.  For a buyer, the product is the house, the neighbourhood, and the price you paid.

The process includes how much feedback you receive, response time, availability and good access when needed, being provided excellent guidance, and feeling like you are a priority.  It also includes how well your agent negotiates and handles the details.

BOTH of them must be excellent.  It can’t just be one.  Think about a restaurant… if the food is good, but the service is not, you don’t tell your friends about it.  Or the service is excellent, but the food is cold and chewy – you might never come back to that restaurant again.

Experience matters… but it’s not the ONLY thing

The Charlton Advantage Team has sold over a billion ($1,000,000,000+) worth of real estate in the last 17 years, so we have the experience to help you navigate your move.  The results really do speak for themselves.

Last year, 35% of the licensed real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area didn’t sell a single property, and 3 out of every 4 Realtors sold less than four properties in an entire calendar year.

On the other hand, for the last decade, our team has been ranked in the Top 100 real estate agents in Canada, helping clients buy or sell EVERY 2-4 DAYS.  That consistently puts us in the top 0.001% of agents in North America.

That doesn’t mean you should choose an agent just because they help a lot of clients.  Bigger isn’t always better.

However, when it’s combined with very good reviews and proof of tangible results… that’s a sign of a business you can really count on to deliver.


How do we compare to the rest of the agents in the marketplace?

Our stats indicate that we sell our homes in less time, and for more money than the average agent.


Over the last ten years, around 65% of the homes listed on the MLS have sold. Our team sold 98% of the homes we’ve listed during that time.  The ones that didn’t usually experienced a market shift or change of plans.


During the same time period, we got the job 42% faster than the average agent. That means less time cleaning up and dealing with the hassles of property showings.  Our goal is to compress the activity into a shorter time period to increase your odds of getting competing buyers.


Over the last ten years we average an extra 1% to 2% when we sell a home. This is a combination of strong marketing, great staging, skilled negotiation and a lot of knowledge & experience.

Breaking records in every price range

For the average home in our marketplace, working with our team could mean an extra $10,000 to $20,000, up to 40% faster.

Our home selling system gets consistent results, year after year, that our clients love.

But sometimes we do even better.

Take a look at these examples of properties sold by our team, and how much MORE we got for them within 90 days of the exact same home or floor plan selling with someone else.



Bristol on Main Condo

$29,200 MORE

After the previous sale in the same complex broke the record for this model, we turned around and sold this one for even more, with the exact same floor plan and similar finishes.  Our sale was on the ground level, which typically sells for slightly lower value.


Kennedy Circle Townhouse

$34,900 MORE

This townhouse sold for more money in less time with the Charlton Advantage than the same model on the same street sold for two weeks earlier.  We also cut down on the selling time by almost three weeks.


McLaughlin Detached

$29,200 MORE

This 3,000+ square foot home NEVER SOLD after four months with another agent.  With our team, it was sold two weeks before Christmas in just seven days.  The accepted offer was this much higher than the highest offer with the other agent.


Lindsay Court Detached

$72,400 MORE

Including our real estate fees, this is how much more the seller received as a NET amount in their bank account compared to the same model home that sold two doors away with Comfree (now known as Purplebricks).


We’ve held numerous records for highest sales in neighbourhoods, and for sales of individual models.  For us, it’s not good enough to just be good enough.  We strive for excellence.

It all starts with the mindset of treating your money like it’s our own.  We will protect your asset like it’s our asset, and do whatever we can to push your home sale to the highest level it can go… because that’s what we would want if you were OUR agent.

Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you’re ready.

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