I did research on the websites of various agents – yours spoke to me the most.  I scheduled a time to meet with your team and I knew that it was a great match as soon as I saw the welcome sign and your Buyer Manual on the table.

I always felt like I was the only client (even though I knew I wasn’t). What I remember most was when I was at the point where I was deciding whether to put in an offer on a house… I told you I was “pretty sure”, and you said, “We only do 100% sure.”  I thought this was a remarkable statement, truly caring about my decision and not just trying to push me into something.

You always exceeded my expectations with all of the personal attention, lots of contact & genuine interest to help me find a great home.  I smile every time I receive mail from you, wondering what else you could possibly do for me.  You are incredible agents and incredible people!