Buying or selling a home is kind of a big deal – at least it is to us

Our clients know that they can count on us for these things:



The number one complaint people have with their agent (according to the National Association of Realtors) is lack of communication.  Which is why you can count on hearing from us multiple times per week about the status of your showings, your feedback, the results of our marketing, and any changes in the market in terms of new listings and competition that may have sold since listing.  In fact, if you don’t hear from us at least once a week, then we will cheerfully reduce our fees by $250 per instance.


Great Marketing

We want you to be thrilled with everything to do with your house. Whether it’s the feature sheets, the Facebook ads, the professional photos, or anything else… if you’re not happy, let us know and we promise to fix it as soon as we can.



So, you can’t get together unless it’s 10:00 PM?  That’s okay, it happens. Do you need furniture delivered at 7:30 AM? We’ve done that, too. While we can’t promise instant availability on extremely short notice, we are there when it counts.  Having a large team allows us the flexibility to make sure someone can get you into the house on YOUR schedule. It’s all part of our “concierge” mindset – we do whatever it takes to help you. Especially when you need it the most.



Clients love knowing that if they’re not happy working with us, that they can exit any agreement, at any time. We don’t hold people hostage, unlike some people in our industry. There’s nothing worse than hearing somebody crying on the phone about how unhappy they are with their agent… and the agent won’t let them cancel their listing or buyer representation agreement.

Making guarantees like this means we’re pretty confident that you’ll be delighted with our performance. But, if you’re not, or if plans change, then we’re happy to shake hands and part ways.

If that’s the kind of experience you’d like with your agent, just let us know a bit more about you…

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