It’s official! Melissa and Chuck are going to be property owners in Calgary.

While examining a Toronto investment with longtime friend and Top 100 REMAX agent Andrew LaFleur from, he mentioned how many of his investors are buying up properties in Canada’s fourth largest city.

One thing led to another, and Chuck and Melissa couldn’t resist the MANY reasons he listed in this video.

It feels very much like rewinding the clock and being able to buy properties like it’s 2014 all over again.  They purchased an end-unit townhouse with a double garage for less than $400,000, with a 3-year rental guarantee that will provide $350-400 a month in cash flow.

If it sounds too good to be true… it’s not.  Watch the video and see the numbers for yourself.

This episode of the Secret Stash is a replay of a webinar attended by more than 30 people on August 12th, 2021. We encourage you to always do your homework about any potential investments. We’re always available to answer questions, or share our own first-hand experiences.

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