After a very successful Calgary webinar, and a chance meeting with an old friend, we find ourselves travelling to the Bahamas, to have a virtual chat with Jason Kinsale from Aristo Development.

We think that investors will LOVE the numbers they’re seeing in the Bahamas, and snowbirds who are thinking about retiring or travelling to the island will also find this conversation VERY helpful.

The tax laws are COMPLETELY different than what we have in Canada, and you can even qualify to become a resident of the country if you have spent more than $750,000 on the island!

Also in the webinar, we’ll cover the closing costs and other expenses you’ll have when purchasing, what you can reasonably expect for rental income at different price points, and specifics about financing and downpayments.

The questions we received from the participants were excellent, and really added to the conversation. This episode is a replay of a webinar that we hosted on November 23rd, 2021. We encourage you to always do your homework about any potential investments.

I found a few websites with some useful information about buying in the Bahamas here and here.

We’re always available to answer questions, or share our own first-hand experiences.

If you want to chat with Jason directly, be sure to tell him you saw this webinar. He’s at or his cell is +1 (242) 424-7225.