It’s sometimes hard to find the right words to say when it comes to issues of race and colour.

But we decided that we’d rather give it a shot than to say nothing at all.

I’m delighted that my friend Marcia Alderson with Royal LePage Locations North and the Chris Keleher Team in Collingwood accepted my invitation to have a chat.

This conversation takes place a few weeks after the senseless act of violence by a police officer against George Floyd that took his life.

“I can’t breathe” has become a rallying cry for change.

Amidst a backdrop of a COVID-19 pandemic, we’re witnessing our entire world pause and reflect on what it means to treat others with dignity, regardless of their skin tone.

Marcia has an incredible story about her parents – a black mother and a white father – and how they both stood up against racism, and years later became a couple!

More recently, Marcia has supported real change locally in Collingwood, and she’s the lead singer of the band Motown & Marley… so of course, she also had to do a little singing for us!

We weren’t sure how this one would go, but we both really liked it – so here it is.  Enjoy!

Truth be told, we’ve written hundreds of blog posts and recorded thousands of hours of videos and podcasts… and this is easily one of my Top 5 favourites.  I’m so delighted to share this with you.

Remember – it starts with dialogue.  Ask questions, don’t be afraid.  Stand up and use your voice when you see something is wrong.  Actions speak louder than words.  Be kind to each other.  Don’t stop.

If we do that, we have a chance at creating lasting change.  Thanks for watching!