Milton Price Report

Who would have thought that COVID-19 would cause such a housing boom?

Welcome to the 2022 housing market forecast, live from Milton, Ontario!

In this video, we’ll cover the FOUR reasons why this real estate market has been so strong, plus we’ll touch on immigration, inflation, investors, international students, millenials & boomers, and the role each of them will play in the future.

Get ready for another wild ride… we’re predicting more increases in prices this year.

Have a look at the video for all the details, and here are the slides in case you want to dive a little deeper!


  1. Thanks for a very informative presentation! The way you have pulled so much relevant info together in such well organized way makes it very worthwhile watching.

  2. Really enjoyed the presentation. Your narration was fantastic in helping to interpret the graphs. I paused the video several times to study the graphs after listening to your comments. Royal LePage created a presentation that was informative, clearly understood, logical & well-designed. Lots of information is delivered in a very digestible format. I have shared this with a few friends. Thanks very much.

  3. Maria Cristiano says:

    Great presentation! Easy to follow and very succinct and informative. I have shared with a few of my family and friends,

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