Welcome to the ONLINE version of the Milton Buyer Class.  We’re very excited to have you join us!

This is a class we’ve been running for more than TEN YEARS now, out of our team’s office in Milton, Ontario.

However, in early 2020 we experienced the first phase of COVID-19, which shut down any in-person learning.  We shifted gears, and recorded this class in March of 2020 for you to enjoy!

You’ll notice we go deeper than most classes, and that’s because we believe surprises are for birthday parties, NOT real estate transactions.

We believe in helping you become an educated buyer, and it all starts with knowing the process as well as we do.

Enjoy the class!  Part 1 is below, and it’s all about your money.

This video includes information on renting versus buying, getting free government money to buy your home, the four things lenders look for, and everything you’ll need to know to get yourself into the right mortgage product.

After you’ve watched that, check our Part 2, which is all about the buying process.

In this second video, we’ll cover how to search homes, how to remain protected, how to offer the right price, and real-life photos from home inspections, so you can notice some common problems we see.

Now that you’ve completed the course, here’s some extra reference material found in our Market Education Guide for Buyers.

We provide that book to ALL of our clients to help them learn even more about buying a home.  It’s a direct download, so there’s no sign-in needed.

You are officially more prepared than most real estate agents to tackle this home search!

We hope you enjoyed everything, and remember you can join us on a Tour of Homes, or get started with some HomeWatch email updates whenever you’re ready.