In the midst of self-quarantine in Spring 2020, we decided to bring our First-Time Investor Class to a webinar format, live from the Charlton Advantage Real Estate Team’s empty office.

How did we do on our first run?  Let us know!

The goal of the class is to explain the benefits of real estate investing, the mistakes we see people make, and the basic ways to analyze properties.

In the video, you’ll learn about our favourite screening tool, called the “Rule of 1/2“, and here are some other things you’ll see in the video:

1:05  Why real estate? Plus, begin assembling your “dream team”

4:55  Why NOT real estate?

11:05  Your different investment options – buy & hold, flips, commercial, private mortgages.  For more information about private mortgages, check this podcast.

16:55  Rent-to-own explained

20:30  Think, buy, own, receive a million

21:20  The most common mistakes people make when they invest in real estate

25:55  Values compared to rents – why buying further away from Milton makes your numbers better

28:10  Investment spreadsheet & why Milton doesn’t have good investment properties

36:20  Other case studies – Toronto AirBnB, Windsor fourplex, Milton commercial, Hamilton duplex, London student rental, Lethbridge single family, Arizona condo

57:50  Your three next steps

1:01:40  Question & answer

Thank you to all of our attendees for coming and trying something new.

Overall, we thought it went very well. If you want a copy of an actual WORKING spreadsheet (we fixed it), have a look at this link.

You can make your own copy by going up to FILE in the top left, and then “Make a copy”.

Want to know a secret?  The part that trips everyone up after they watch this class is choosing WHERE to start doing research.  Faced with too many options, most people don’t do anything.

Reach out to us, and let’s talk about your goals, and where the best place might be to go.