These are interesting times we’re living in.

Right now, it’s Spring 2020, and we’re in the midst of self-isolation and drastic changes to our economy and our job situations because of the COVID-19 virus.

There’s really no better time to discuss private mortgages with my old friend Christopher Molder from Tridac Mortgage. I’ve known Chris and his father for more than 15 years, although we haven’t spoken for years.  I have a feeling that will change after this episode.

I know people who invest in private mortgages (clients and other agents), and I have clients who have required a private mortgage, so I was very interested in how it worked.

I could have done a 10-15 minute fly-by, but instead I wanted to go much deeper and ask the questions I thought you would have asked if you were sitting there listening to us speak.

In the episode, we’ll talk about how lending is based on an “A-B-C” model, the differences between investing directly in a mortgage and investing in a “mortgage investment corporation (MIC)”, syndicated mortgages and lots more.

You’ll learn about the risks, the timing, and you’ll get a great introduction to the process and to Chris and how he can help.