Just one listing today…

And it’s so obviously staged that it’s borders on campy.

How do I know?

Oh, maybe because there’s an INVENTORY barcode on the table!

And because the trinkets are just so trinket-y.

And because nobody puts fake pink flowers and “loose” fake limes on the countertop.

And random stacks of three boxes in one room, while the others are empty.

And no shower curtains.

And plants in the laundry room with a random abstract piece of “art” on the wall.

And no window coverings (except for hideous blinds in the master ensuite).

And nothing in the closet.

And the basement has another stack of random storage boxes, a carpet and a tiny table.  But no actual furniture.

As a side note, the toilet paper sitting on TOP of the toilet?  Nice touch!

I think they key with staging is to make it seem legit.  Years ago, I had a stager come to the house and add two wine glasses in a cross pattern beside the soaker tub.  I said, “Get that OUT of here… nobody does that!”

So the next time your agent says, “I stage your home!” you might want to check the portfolio… closely.

For today’s video, we’ll continue with our favourite Christmas songs.  Today is the Jackson 5 with a classic.

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