Today we have 11 properties, and it took nearly two weeks of looking back to find double digits! It was really slow during the holidays.

But now the world has awakened to the New Year, and it’s time to get our groove on this year. Lots of great stuff planned for Daily Homes, and I’m still on the search for a decent light in my new office.

Today we’ll talk about the three methods of establishing property value. For the most part, comparison is used to come up with value, but in certain cases, especially in the high-end market, replacement cost becomes a much more reliable method. We’ll look at the new listing on 406 Woodward with the fancy Christmas video and talk about cost to build as a way of coming up with value.

CORRECTION:  Colin Best sent me an email today, and the Steeles Avenue townhouses were built around 1900 by the brick workers themselves.  Some are still owned by the original families!

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