I’m brutally sick and I sound like Honky the Christmas Goose, so there will be no hosting today.  In the meantime, enjoy this classic song.  🙂

There are only four listings today, and it’s never too early for horrible photos!  Check out the beauties on Featherstone.  I’m sure this award will soon pass to another, but I’m awarding them the Worst Photos of the Year… so far.

Then, more photo hilarity ensues at 110 Portch, starting with a green filtered shot, followed by the EXACT SAME picture in a more regular pallette.  Seriously?  I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Also of note is the fact that both properties are actually LINKED by the foundation.  So while they are functionally very much like a detached home, and valued as such… you do have that underground connection.

Also, 191 Holmes does not have TEN WASHROOMS.  But it is a very sexy looking home, and the price seems like good value.

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