Our favourite pick today is Zimmerman.  It’s just over 1700 square feet with a double garage, a deep lot and a POOL.

This is really not the best season to sell a home with a pool, because you don’t get that nice blue water, or the hot weather that makes you want to just jump right in.

As it is, a pool generally costs much more than it will ever add to your property value.  A $50-75k investment in a pool might only give you $15-25k worth of tangible value.  In fact, most landscaping averages about a 20% return on investment.  More about ROI in today’s video.

It will also polarize buyers… some buyers will absolutely love that you have a pool, and others will completely cross it off their list.

The home also doesn’t have a dining room (just a big living room), and the heat is not baseboard, it’s a forced air/vent system.

Small list today with just three on the TREB system.  On the ORTIS MLS (Ontario Regional), there’s one more in this link.  They totally flubbed the size.  It’s NOT 1,600 square feet.  In fact, it’s exactly 1500.  Here’s proof – look at the Brentgrove plan in this PDF.  Also not a big fan of the price.

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