It’s not easy to find three-bedroom condos, but we have one in today’s list at the new Sutherland building at 1470 Main.  This is a different building than we’ve seen from Sutherland because the hallways are closed indoors!  If you’re familiar with Bristol on Main or Maple Crossing, you’ll know that the hallways are open air from the elevator to the individual units.

The price doesn’t seem too bad.  $499k for 1,200 square feet is definitely within the range I’d expect.

You’ll notice our video soundtrack (I’m still really sick) is a song all about Hallways.  It’s also one of the best music videos we’ve ever seen.

Pick of the Day ™ is probably the condo townhouse at 371 Bronte.  Expect it to go for more than $400k when they take offers on January 10th.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back on Monday!