It was a long break, with a flu spilling over directly into a Mexican vacation last week. Half the trip was spent just trying to feel better. But now it’s all good, and we’re back to a regular schedule.

Today there are 30 properties, including everything since the last episode, and I’m going to discuss five of them.

If I was going to buy the home on Holly, I would be doing a search for permits, especially for the converted garage and the back addition/seasonal room. Read more about permits in this article by Mike Holmes, and this one explains the risks to your insurance and your future sale.  If I was going to choose a price, “double bracketing” is always the best option for more exposure!

If you’ve been dreaming of a large bungalow, or a double garage with a pool, both with greenspace behind, then you’ve got them in today’s episode. And investors will really like the fourplex on Martin Street. Don’t miss the part where I talk about the ways to analyze value on a property like this.

What I didn’t mention in the video is the lending guidelines change based on the number of units in a property.  Here’s a good article that introduces the concept of investment property financing. Glad to answer questions by email if you have them (or just fill in the form below and it will reach me).

Looking forward to posting daily from now on.  Get ready for some fun in 2017!

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