Just two properties today.

I don’t know if I love the fact that a car is parked SIDEWAYS at the front of the driveway next door to Megson.  Is that really something that you would want as a neighbour?

Woodlawn says “large” backyard, but it’s HUGE.  Let’s put this in context:  most of the Mattamy lots are about 80 feet deep.  This one is DOUBLE that, with 160 feet.  You could literally fit TWO Mattamy lots on this land.  I would have said something in the listing to that effect.  “Get two properties for the price of one.”

I’m spitballing here, but the point is that it’s a lot bigger than you might realize from reading the description and seeing the photos.  Photo 19/20 is the only one that even hints as how big the land is… and unless you’re paying close attention, it may not be obvious.

There’s hardly anything for sale right now in the older area, so I think this one could really light it up like a Christmas tree.  Let’s play some fun Christmas music in our video… this one is a personal favourite by the one and only Kurtis Blow.

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