Interesting comment in the listing on Nadalin Heights:

Fear of the elevator? No problem, unit is located on main floor.

It’s only a four-storey building, so I doubt anything serious would happen even IF there was a problem.  But today’s video explains that fear of elevators, while not having a fancy “phobia” name, is a real thing.

Who knew!

The rest of the list isn’t too bad.  Sellers and Cavanagh are both holding back on offers, and they’re priced well when you consider what homes have been selling for in the last 90 days.  But December can be a funny time… sometimes you get REALLY lucky, and other times nobody shows up to the party (they may be at a Christmas Party!)

There’s one more listing for a rural property on McNiven here.  It’s getting harder to find homes with the first digit as a “six” in the country lately.

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