You’ve heard it many times in our episodes.  Don’t believe everything you read in a listing.

And today, we have a home with a quoted size of more than 200 square feet larger than actual space. And when interiors of homes are worth more than $100 per square foot, this can drastically change the perception of value to a buyer.

We have many of the floor plans in town (even old ones), so if you need a hand sorting truth from fiction, let us know.

More competition on Nadalin Heights today, plus a fixer-upper bungalow with greenspace on all sides that looks like an amazing opportunity.

And don’t be fooled by Irving Terrace’s attractive list price of $599k. Expect a sale in the higher-$600’s if recent sales are any indication.

Finally, if your two favourite colours are PINK and PINK, then check out the home on Laurier.

Here’s the link to the Oakville-Milton MLS listings (two for the day).  I’ll see you at the Performancing Arts Centre this weekend! (if that reference doesn’t make sense, watch the end of the video)