It’s a small list today with just seven properties.

But we’ll talk about a home with a bunch of different floors and cabinets. Does it work together? Is my taste barometer off on this one?

Either way, I think the home is a good deal and it should still sell for more than they’re asking.

I just did the totals for last week. Keep in mind that we are now PAST the deadline for mortgage rule changes.

59 sales in Milton. 51 of them sold AT OR ABOVE asking price.

That’s higher than the spring.

But what I am noticing is a trend of less showings, but the buyers that are looking are very interested in buying. I’ll monitor this and let you know if this becomes the norm.

As an example, I generally find that it takes 10-15 showings before you see an offer. If you get 60 showings in the week leading up to offer night, there’s a good chance you’ll have 4-6 offers.

But lately, it seems like you only need about 5-8 showings to get an offer.  Things are very fascinating right now.

Oh, and here’s that link to Beaver Court on the Oakville-Milton MLS system.  Photos courtesy of an iPhone?

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