About half of today’s list is playing pricing games on you.  One home has been changing their price every two days.  Up, then down, and up again.  Another is on their FOURTH list price.

What does that mean?  In most cases, it usually impacts the seller’s bottom line in a negative way.

Buyers tend to stand on the sidelines when they see rapid price swings.  It’s like someone is trying to bait them, and most buyers won’t have any part of it.  There are just too many other options.

The home on McKay has a MASSIVE lot, and it’s one of my favourite picks from today’s list.  And Eager is not $7 million, but it could represent a good opportunity to someone with some creativity and access to good trades.  There’s a real possibility of putting $20k in and having that double (or more) very quickly.

Here’s the Oakville-Milton list.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.

Have you been watching how the real estate industry is embarrasing itself?  From using Remembrance Day as a marketing tool, to unethical “double ending“, I’m ashamed to hold the same license as these people.

Finally, here’s our new listing in Streetsville for $399k.  Yes, you read that right.