So check this out… yesterday we spoke about pricing games.  And today, as if they saw the great big bat signal, 710 Thompson comes back with quite possibly the strangest pricing strategy we’ve seen all year.

  • September 25th:  They listed for $567,000
  • October 12th:  Still not sold for the above price, they thought it was a great idea to re-list for $621,000.  That’s gutsy.
  • October 20th:  Price reduced to $599,000.  Better than $621,000, but still way higher than the original price.
  • October 29th:  Price lowered to $559,900.
  • November 3rd:  Previous listing cancelled and re-listed for $5.59 million before adjusting back to $559,900 (again).  Holding back on offers, but they can take a pre-emptive (bully) offer whenever they want without telling anybody.  That in itself is a bad idea, and contrary to MLS rules.

Plus, there’s a lovely home for $1.7 million with not-so-lovely photos.  Is this seriously still an issue in our industry?  I guess we’ll deal with that one after the whole “double ending” thing shakes down.

Have a great weekend!  And if you’re free in a few weeks, you’re welcome to join us at the next Buyer Class.

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