There are 14 listings today, and you’ll have to excuse my teammates making noise outside of the “studio”. We’re not exactly noise-proof around here.

3224 Steeles is an interesting animal. For the price of a three-bedroom condo townhouse, you get this one with two-bedrooms and a large lot with a workshop above the garage (and no condo fees), backing onto train tracks. It’s a very interesting little pocket of homes, and I would love to know the history about how and why they were built.

Plus, I’ll show you how to read the “washrooms” field on MLS, and what to look for when you’re buying a home in the Clarke or Dempsey neighbourhoods.

And why is a townhouse listed for more than a detached home? We’ll have a look at Cavanagh, including the smallest faults I could ever find in a listing.

I checked the edits… no major screw-ups! Success!  I’m looking forward to Sharon getting back, but we’re gone again for a few days from Wednesday to Friday for another conference.  Then, hopefully, we’re done for the year.