This is a tough episode. Lots of smaller homes asking for big money.

On one hand, I see semi-detached homes creeping up around $700k, but based on similar model sales, I just don’t see a few of these homes selling for the prices they are asking.

How do we establish that? Mostly from comparative value. What are other similar-sized homes, in similar locations, selling for in the last few months? Ideally it’s the SAME home, on the SAME street, with almost identical finishes, that sold yesterday. But we don’t find that very often.

This is NOT a commentary on the market in general, which many people feel is quite high. That’s a different issue. What I’m talking about is the raw comparable information that we have, and seeing these homes not sync up.

You DESERVE a good home for a fair price, don’t you? 🙂 I deserve to go to another conference for a few days… thank goodness it’s the last one for 2016, but it should be great. I’ll be speaking about MDH and all the lessons and challenges of growing an amazing team, and learning from some people I really look up to.

Should be fun! I’ll try to get some content out while I’m there, but I never know how it’s going to go until I get there.

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