We were away for a few days at a conference, and this list represents three days worth of homes that listed while I was gone.

See that hill in the back of 64 Bronte?  That’s the train tracks.  I think there are many better options than this location.  It looks really run down when you drive into the complex.  But wait!  They’re leaving the coat hanger in the front hallway (and a microwave in “as is” condition).

And they did a good job at hiding it, but the first floor unit at 1421 Costigan has a really tiny and awkward layout for the family room.  The kitchen counter sticks out really far, and it’s just a big mess of a design.  You would never know it by looking at the plans, but when you see it in person, you realize how ridiculous it is.  It’s a shame because the other parts of the unit are great – big bedrooms, a walk-out terrace with a place for a garden (and possibly facing greenspace).

I found a cool video that gives some tips for this space… enjoy!  And if you want a great local designer, reach out to my two go-to people – Liane Robertson at 905-302-8204 or Vanessa Francis at 416-668-2806.

71 Henry is kind of like that, too.  It’s narrow, so there’s not a great place to put your television.  Or a dining table of any substantial size.  Finishes are lovely, and the 9-foot ceilings and mission-style doors look great (along with the curb appeal), but the floor plan is tough to work with.

And Kelman has a sideways photo.  Ugh.  Can’t believe that still happens in 2016.

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