Well, that was a helluva 7th inning, wasn’t it?

I was at a client’s home until the sixth inning, then rushed home and witnessed the most bizarre and electrifying series of events I’ve ever seen in a baseball game. One thing is for sure… No one in the history of mankind has ever been cooler than Bautista was when he flipped that bat after swatting that big ass freaking homer. Man, that was awesome.

It’s been so long… I nearly forgot how exciting being in the playoffs can be.

Speaking of bold moves… 1420 Crozier did something really bold, they lowered their price to reflect one of the BEST deals under $750K … it’s worth screaming about.  See more in today’s video.

Barnard is one of the first Mattamy Village Townhouses built, and while they may be a little less expensive than a newer one, there may be some upcoming costs to be careful about. If you want a double car garage for under $500K then check out McEastern .. although the “double garage” part is certainly not displayed in the most overt way.

I’m super excited about the home on Satok … it’s renovated right down to the studs – like buying a new home in a mature neighbourhood.

Let’s go Blue Jays!

(Oh and I didn’t talk about it in the video… but check out the sideways photos on Gowling… seriously…)

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