About once a year I will show a house with a very creepy doll in it. Casting aside the fact that my name is “Chuckie”, it’s still very troubling. Today, we have a bear that makes me a little nervous.

Plus, Deverell is a home I’ve been in quite a few times over the years, and they priced it bang on. It’s a very very similar layout to the one we talked about on Barnard yesterday.

And you get a “two for one” lot on Manley at almost 164 feet deep! Holy cow, you could play some great games of horseshoes on a lot like that.

And if you have eclectic tastes, you might find that Galbraith gives you a ton of upgrades and a good size for your money. It’s a bit of a tough sell because it’s so far from the “norm”. Which we appreciate on some level.

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