I’ve gotta tell you, there’s a part of one of today’s listings that really tugs at my heart strings … I’ve always had a little “soft” spot for it. Didn’t realize it when I was filming the episode, but Annette sure let me know afterwards.

Plus, we’ll go over the carrying costs for a 1-bedroom condo. Sure, it’s a little more out of pocket than the cost of rent… but 20 years later, it wins by a landslide. If that’s too small, there’s also a nice, sunny 2-bedroom with a great “turret”-style room in the building next door that’s different than most condos, and a 2-bed at 100 Millside with some wonderful views of Mill Pond and sunsets over the Escarpment.

Speaking of which, I took a walk around Mill Pond with the kids this weekend. It was incredibly enjoyable, please try it sometime.

I was shocked to see the price on Briar given the recent sales on the street … it should get a few offers at that price. Aird is a great street but definitely not my favourite floor plan, and I’ll show you why.

You might also find yourself paying less than most townhouses when you factor in the profit from a basement apartment on Heslop. I used to mention these adjustments all the time, but it’s really interesting to see how much impact an extra $800 plus or minus can make.

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