Today we just have a link below, and a “theme song” for the episode.

I will do my best to carve out some time to see Frank Place – especially because I see Voltron, Six Shot, Blaster, Grimlock, Prowl, Soundwave, Predaking, Fortress Maximus and other 80’s toys.  Yes, I can nerd out with the best of them.  This home is definitely “more than meets the eye”.

When I look at something like Vickerman, it’s very nice, but it will always be a single garage.  For nearly the same price, I’d rather take the double garage on Ruhl.

And don’t forget to have a look at the indoor pool on First Line.  Nice!  I think they chose a good price for the home, too.

And 91 Mill might be selling because of this rumoured downtown condo project, which hasn’t even come to Town Council yet.  Lots of rumours, but it’s all talk.  The house is a little smaller than some of the other sales at that price point, and it only has a single garage.

Back to the Jays game!  Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, and thank you for tuning in every day!

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