I’m trying to get some work done, but this Jays game is pretty hard to resist.

Check out 1420Crozier.com for the house I mentioned in today’s video with the great curb appeal. I’m going to be there Thanksgiving Sunday from 2-4 pm doing an OPEN HOUSE, and then I’m off to have some dinner. 🙂  Long weekends are interesting because sometimes they can be busy, and sometimes they can be quiet. You can never tell which type of long weekend it will be.

And the new one launching tomorrow is 251Satok.com – you can see how impressive it is in the photo gallery for $529,000. It’s easily the best home on that street.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow, but this should give you a good head start on it.

Nice semi on McColl, but you don’t have a garage. Knight Trail is the best deal for a double garage right now at only $549k, but it’s not very big.

And what does Marcellus look like? Well, you can find out in today’s video, or check the link below. Thanks for watching!

Now back to the Blue Jays!

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