Knowledge and Learning

I was speaking with my friend David Steinberg, President of Summit Funding in New York, and he shared a story about how he won a Rolex watch through a charity promotion.

He explained how the box opened, and how every step of the “opening” process was an event – a unique and special experience.

He turned to me and said, “Chuck, are you good at what you do?”

I replied, “Absolutely.”

He said, “Do you REVERE what you do?  Do you believe you create the same kind of experience?”

And so I pose the same question to you…

Do you absolutely REVERE what you do?

At work… at home… with your family… your friends?

Do you bask in the glow of a profound and memorable experience that you create?

Boy, I think that’s a great way to think about everything you do.

Thanks David!