I know I’ve been writing a lot on the topic of personal wealth… and I just found a great post by Scott Ginsberg on his blog (Hello, my name is BLOG!)

Scott is one of the leading thinkers in the world on APPROACHABILITY.

Try typing in “approachability” in Google and you’ll see that he practically owns the word.

Here he is on 20/20:

The other day I saw an advertisement for this intense, three-day Wealth-Building Seminar.

The headline read, “Become a millionaire in ONE WEEKEND!”

And my initial reaction was: Wow, are people really THAT impatient?

But I guess it’s not entirely surprising.

After all, that’s our world: a hyperspeed, A.D.D., instant gratification culture.

So, here’s your counterintuitive thought of the week:

Get rich slowly

I first heard someone say these three words a few months ago. And they really stood out in my mind.

Get rich slowly

Slow down. Take your time. Practice impossible patience and let wealth (not money) accumulate.

Get rich slowly

Not quickly. Not within 18 months. Not by the end of the year. When you’re ready.

Get rich slowly

Make the transition from “making a lot of money” to “making a contribution” and “growing your business.”

Get rich slowly

Earn money incidentally, not intentionally. Detach from outcomes and focus on serving, solving and providing value. Don’t worry; the money will come.

Get rich slowly

After all, if you’ve got something cooking, something worth waiting for, something worth talking about, it’s only a matter of time before you become rich. May as well spend a few years getting your shit together first.

Get rich slowly

Install long-term, efficient business systems, master your craft and perfect your voice. That way when you DO become rich, you won’t blow it all.

What’s your rush anyway?

It’s only a matter of time.