This episode features a one-on-one conversation with team partner Semone Palmer. She has a message for buyers who are waiting to buy a home. We all love Semone’s “sermons” around the office, and this is just a taste of her incredible insight. Enjoy!

Semone will talk about decisions based in fear, versus choices made with the right information. As you’ll see from Semone’s own story, and one of her clients, that single moment of getting into their starter home created a snowball effect that has transformed their lives.

The bottom line? Take the leap and move forward. It’s not so bad.

Remember that nobody has ever regretted buying real estate 10, 20 or 30 years later.  It’s the long game that matters.

We’re all here to help you. Please pass this along to someone you know that might be wondering if they should wait to buy real estate.