About Old Milton

This is the area connected to Main Street, with great restaurants and small boutique shops. Every Saturday morning from May to October, you can visit the Farmer’s Market for fresh fruits and vegetables, with some treats and fun for the kids.

Housing can range from historic century homes to mid-century war-time bungalows. The lots are typically the largest in town, many with 60+ foot frontages, and many builders are starting to re-develop on some of the prime streets.

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You Should Also Know

The Fairgrounds on Robert Street hosts a variety of local fairs and celebrations throughout the warmer months (and no, it will not be sold, rented or turned into a Costco anytime soon). Our favourite downtown restaurants include Pasqualino's, Grill Daddy and the Ivy Arms.

The Neighbours

A mix of long-time residents and original owners, with many families with kids starting to buy for the larger lot sizes and proximity to downtown.

Perfect For

Those who like quiet neighbourhoods, and access to downtown restaurants and shops. Handy renovators can turn a tired house into their dream home.

The Lifestyle

Sitting on a patio with a drink in hand, or strolling around the edge of Mill Pond followed by some tennis, swimming, skating or play in Rotary Park.

Not So Great For

People who want smaller lots, or those who aren’t comfortable doing a little bit of renovation to their house.

The Market

A mix of homes built anywhere from the late 1800’s to around 1960, with large mansions to smaller 800 square foot boxy bungalows.

You'll Fall In Love With

Being walking distance from everything. It's a fun, convenient location with very interesting looking properties.

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