About Dorset Park

The next area to develop after the downtown/Old Milton core was Dorset Park in the 1970’s.

This area is characterized by many small cul-de-sac crescents which are perfect for kids, and the many styles of homes – bungalows, split levels and two-storey homes, all on very respectable 50-foot lots (or so).

There are lots of walking trails winding through the area, with a cluster of townhouses and an iconic Mac’s convenience store in the middle near Woodward and Wilson.

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You Should Also Know

There's an all-French Catholic school in the middle of the neighbourhood (St. Nicholas). Also, there's a subtle secret to the area street names: Northwest are Old Milton family names (Joyce, McNabb, Bousfield), Northeast are tree names (Birch, Willow, Maple), Southwest are famous military & politicians (Churchill, MacDonald, Lorne Scots, Trafalgar) and Southeast are explorers and inventors (Cabot, Hudson, Edison, Graham Bell). Now there's a fun fact to tell your friends!

The Neighbours

Some original owners still remain, which is a testament to the quality of the neighbourhood. Young families have slowly started to replace the older empty nesters.

Perfect For

Lot sizes. Next to Old Milton, these are the best lots in town, and we’ve even seen a handful of tear-downs and significant renovations in the last few years.

The Lifestyle

Mowing the lawn and having a beer with the neighbours. Hockey and basketball nets on the street.

Not So Great For

Aluminum wiring. Be sure to get an electrician to green light the electrical system, or you may have a hard time getting an insurance policy.

The Market

Many different styles of homes on larger lots, and a pocket of very affordable condo townhouses in the middle of the neighbourhood.

You'll Fall In Love With

Pool-sized yards with room to spare.

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