About Bronte Meadows

Built mostly towards the mid-to-late 1980’s just north of the hospital, the boundaries of this area are often confused because of the close proximity to Timberlea, both geographically and with the way the houses look.

The lots are slightly smaller in this area, with many “detached” homes linked by the foundation, but still generally much larger properties than you’ll find in the new area.

This was the last area to be built before a long pause in building in the 1990’s due to lack of extra water supply in Milton.

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You Should Also Know

Take a short walk to La Rose Bakery for some authentic Italian cuisine and desserts, or grab a $5 breakfast at Sunrise Grill. On the weekend, you might be able to walk to the John Tonelli Sports Centre for a skate.

The Neighbours

Newer and older families with children of all ages. The neighbourhood has started to change over with many original owners now moving out and giving way to younger families.

Perfect For

Those who like a larger lot, but can live with something slightly smaller than Timberlea, Dorset Park or Old Milton.

The Lifestyle

Neighbours greeting you outside and asking how you’re doing. Close-knit streets where you know who your neighbours are.

Not So Great For

Starter budgets because of the lack of townhouse options. Although you can usually pick up a semi-detached or small detached for the same price as a townhouse in the new area.

The Market

Similar to Timberlea, with smaller semi-detached, link and larger single-and-double car garage detached homes. No freehold townhouses, but there are some condo townhouses along Bronte Street.

You'll Fall In Love With

The walking distance to schools, the Sports Centre, the hospital and the new commercial areas near Bronte and Derry.