So today there are 24 listings, and if your budget is less than $500k, you actually have some options! That hasn’t happened in a while.

Pick of the Day is the home on Bennett, with more than 2,200 square feet of space, within a very short walk of the highest-rated public school in Milton (and it’s in the Guardians Angels area, which is consistently one of the best schools in town).

In Milton, we don’t have any schools in the Top 5% in the province, but we have quite a few in the top 10% to 25%. Even our worst performing school in the EQAO tests is just a little less than the mid-point 50% mark.

At worst, our schools are average. At best, we’re pretty darn good. 🙂

And instead of beds, why not just eat, sleep and workout on a Total Gym? There are his-and-hers units in one of today’s homes. I picked one of these up for $50 on Letgo, and it’s great! Even better? The infomercial!

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