I’m not sure why, but I started the episode with some rap lyrics. If you watch enough of MDH, you know I’m a pretty big music fan, and sometimes things just show up in my head.

There are 32 listings today, including a freehold home under $500k… which hasn’t happened in a while. There’s an assignment sale at the Viva condos, and the semi-detached on Irving was nice when I saw it. But I noticed a few things that could happen to move it to the next level.

Our focus is always on substance, not just style. Long after the furniture and staging is gone, making sure the other items are in good shape is key to getting top dollar.

Even when you do spend money, it doesn’t always pay back dollar-for-dollar. I really can’t see $220,000 worth of upgrades on Beaty Trail. Is it nice? For sure! But I could buy the basic version for a LOT less than they’re asking and probably make it look similar… and have the total investment reach a number less than the asking price.

Open the door, you better believe we’re sliding through it… swiftly, niftily!