At the beginning of today’s video, I won’t be rapping, but I’ll share some really interesting information about the future of Milton, and what’s coming up.

Then we’ll jump right into the list with a four-bedroom home that slashed their price down to $399k, with a holdback on offers. This article is all about why buying something WITH condo fees is still often cheaper than the freehold version with no fees.

As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s all about out-of-pocket expense. ¬†Whether it’s a mortgage payment or condo fees or rent… most people are concerned with how much downpayment (upfront cost), and the ongoing cost to stay in a home.

Speaking of which, that rented furnace and air conditioner on Donnelly would almost make me avoid a multiple offer situation… because there’s no way I’m assuming that “deal with the devil” from a seller. They will pay for it, or I’m not buying it.

One of the best listings for the day might be this property… it’s the same price as Hasselfeldt, but they’re taking offers anytime.

Although I think I’ll give Anderson the Top Pick of the Day vote. It’s one of the best streets in Milton, and the yard with a pool is amazing.

Very solid list today.

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