One of today’s homes is looking for a “fuzzy” buyer – do you know any?  I didn’t shave this morning, so I suppose that makes me a contender!

It’s a good list of 11 homes today, including a townhouse just a touch over $250k, which we don’t see very often these days, and another rare find – a detached home for under $400k.  There are definitely some reasons why it may NOT be your best option even though it’s a tempting price point that’s usually associated with townhouses or semis.

The home on Houston looks like a good opportunity… a semi-detached with a finished basement for $399k is a good deal in my eyes, and there’s a 1.67-acre lot on rural land (that will remain rural) in a very convenient location just a few minutes outside of town.  In fact, it’s so close, it’s on town water instead of a well.  And it has a bonus renovated & open concept kitchen plus a heated workshop.  So husband and wife can both be happy!  Oh and I forgot to mention that it’s actually in Burlington.  South side of that part of Derry is Burlington, and north side is Milton.  But it’s close enough we’ll let them come for Christmas dinner!  🙂