We did a little detective work to find some photos on a custom-built rural home on 10-acres today.  I’ve seen it before, and I’ll share some notes on it for you.  Plus, there’s a lovely detached home on Barr with 9-foot ceilings and an unbeatable location.  For more than $100k extra, there’s a mystery home with no photos loaded… but it certainly looks like it’s a single garage trying to sneak into the double garage territory, like a freshman crashing a senior party.  🙂  I’m definitely not holding my breath on that one working out.

It’s a quick list today with only four homes, hope you enjoy and thanks for tuning in.  Please remember to collect extra food, clothing, pajamas or just some pocket change and drop them to our office at 450 Bronte St. S. Unit 110, or the Salvation Army offices on Nippissing.

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